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Gagging attempts by Mark Brewer

Yesterday Mark Brewer sent a "cease and desist" notice to Dave Walker who removed all SPCK articles from his site, Christian Marketplace have also removed an article so it appears they could have been threatened as well. As the court case to see whether SSG could go bankrupt or not the timing is suspect.

As an exSPCK staff member who had the displeasure of working under the Brewers I can say that my expereince of them is that both Phil and Mark are arrogant bullies. This is the testimony of all the staff I have talked to, but this does not take way from Mark Brewer's threat.

There is another issue here, that of free speach. As those who have been following the story may be aware as soon as the Brewer's took over they attempted to stop staff talking with each other. They want to stop us talking and they want to stop us reporting the facts.

For those wondering the cease and desist mentioned libel and slander - under US law it has to be proved that libel has been done, under UK law it has to be proved that libel has not been done. As the many people who have posted who are ex-SPCK staff are speaking from testimony and can often produce witnesses or documents to back them up any case of libel or slander would be hard for the Brewers to prove. So while Dave, who has done a wonderful job, is now silent - we will carry on speaking.