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Are you Dave Walker? Why I would like a cease and desist email.

As many people are aware Dave Walker removed his SPCK/SSG related posts because of the bullying of Mark Brewer. Sam Norton posted all the removed posts and then got a cease and desist threat. Others have also posted and as soon as I can get it asorted they will become a post on this blog. I may, as Dave, Sam, Phil and Celm Jackson did, get a Cease and Desisit. Or they may include this site in an email and not bother to include me in the email as they did to another blog!

But I would like the Brewer's to take me to court. Why? Because then the truth about how they have behaved would have to come out. Under UK law a blogger would have to prove that they have not commited libel, and the evidence exists that what is being posted is generally true. Under US law the Brewer's would have to prove that the blogger has commited libel - that we have lied. So either way the onus is on Mark and Phil Brewer to prove that we have lied about them.  But in the meantime here are two things from J Mark Brewer's biog page on the BP Law website that are not as true as they appear.

J Mark Brewer claims the following qualification:

University of Southern California School of International Relations, Cambridge University, Cambridge, England (M.A.). On contacting Cambridge University I got the following reply

I am unable to find a John Brewer on our database that is likely to be
the person in question. We have a database of 179,000 encompassing all
32 colleges. However, there may be many reasons for that. I will forward
your query onto database enquiries and they should be able to give you a
more definitive answer.

I would add, however, that Cambridge University does not offer an MA
degree like you would have in the United States or Canada, or elsewhere
for that matter. It is a signifier of rank not qualification. The
Cambridge MA is awarded automatically four years after graduation
without any further study (see:
). So, to have been awarded an MA from the University, Mr Brewer would
HAD to have completed his undergraduate studies here first and received
a Cambridge Bachelor of Arts

It is possible that Mark Brewer did part of an MA while he lived in the UK, that was run by the University of Southern California using a college at Cambridge but this would NOT make it a Cambridge University MA.

J Mark Brewer claims the following professional membership:
Royal Institute of International Affairs, London

According to the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London:

I have had look through our database to find Mr. J Mark Brewer and can’t find him, which means he is not a member. I hope this helps.

While this may be an out of date membership that has slipped the mind this email from the Royal Institute came in June and they have contacted Mark Brewer about this - yet no change to Mark Brewer's web biography.

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