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Quotes from a staff member

Below is part on an email I recieved from someone who is currently working at one of the few shops that are open.  Any details that could identify the person or anyone else have been removed but otherwise it is as sent to me. Of course it is posted with their permission. But this tells you how people who are inside feel about what is going on.

When is this all going to come to an end!

These people are evil.

Behind the scenes at  I try my best to inform everyone of what is going on.  You would be surprised at how many people don’t know.

Why why why is this not being took on by the media more!!

I took our takings to the bank last week. The girl behind the counter unprovokingly said, ‘I’d go to the press about these people if I were you’. What she meant by that I do not know. I can only assume there are things going on with bank accounts that the bank are not comfortable with!

Don’t think that because we have jobs that we enjoy what we are doing, because we all feel dreadful about all ex staff and do pray for them.

When boxes come from other shops I feel physically sick.

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