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Sheffield Shop

Got this news from Sheffield through from a contact yesterday. 

Just a short note to let you know that the Brewers have been locked out of the Sheffield shop and that Phil Brewer is very angry with the landlords for changing the locks. Apparently rent has not been paid for quite some time.

Now how did the Brewer's forget to pay the rent? Or are they still confused about who own the building? Remember earlier this year Sheffield Cathedral spoke out against the Brewers. Mark Brewer spoke out against the Cathedral and Diocese (mixing the relationship between the two) calling them anti-Orthodox. Could the rent have not been paid because Mark Brewer wants to hit back at the Cathedral, mistakingly believing them to be the landlords of the property, because they are anti-Orthodox even when an Orthodox congregation meets in the Cathderal for worship once a month. Until Mark Brewer wants to be honest with us I doubt we will get an answer.